Saturday, December 24, 2005

Post Script: The Past Few Weeks.

Went to the see the Nutcracker on Dec 10th avec les parents and other misc family that included 2 aunts, 1 cousin, 1 old family friend, 1 regular friend... and a partridge in a pear tree. T'was my second time seeing this particular ballet, but as the tickets were just $20 I couldn't resist. The show was spectacular, and I'm glad I went again coz there were parts that I had forgotten about. I think my little cousin enjoyed it as well, seeing as she's been attending ballet classes for about a year now.

Went to The Lady Killer's Christmas Shin Dig Dec 15th. Met a lot of old friends and made a few new ones as well. Cosmo Girl got a pink frying pan for Christmas... and I came away with Edward the Bear who has a nice fuzzy and soft bum!

Partied it up the next night at the Company Holiday Dinner at the Liberty Grand. Good food...good wine... great DJ... all the makings of one really good night of fun that is barely remembered by all - thanks to the open bar! Suffice to say that the weekend was very quite after back to back nights!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week were really slow and quite anti-climactic after the week before culminating with the party. Somehow managed to get through those days and began my vakay time on Dec 22!!

Since then have been home neck deep in preparations for the big day... tomorrow! This year we're hosting Christmas lunch at our place and of course this has resulted in my mother going completely off the deep end with her endless preparations! I'm just trying to lay low and out of her path or else I might just get steamrolled. Its actually going to be a very small crowd this year as one sister and her family is away in India and the other sister is having C'Mas at her in-laws place. Still, even with them gone we'll be about 12 people and that's more than enough that the condo can hold!

Must sign off now. Vacuuming awaits me!

Merry Christmas to All. And don't forget to put out milk and cookies!

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