Monday, November 14, 2005

Once Upon a Lifetime.

Plans are underway to put together a scrap book of memories as a Christmas gift to my grandparents.

This ambitious project taken up by children and grandchildren of my mum's Clan aims to provide a small, yet invaluable glimpse into the lives of Nana and Papa, spanning their 60 year marriage. With inputs from family, close friends and relatives from all over the world, organizers are hoping that this will be the "ultimate" tribute to a couple who have touched the lives of so many and inspired us with their values of love, honesty, generosity and friendship.

OK.. so that's the press release (aka email to family) and that sounds grand! In reality, we've had one meeting so far with my mum, her 2 sisters, my cousin and myself and I came to realise that coordinating the Academy Awards would probably be an easier task!

Here's hoping that good luck and good humour is on our side and get this done in time for the my aunt's departure to India on Dec 16th.


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