Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stating the Obvious

Got home from work early(ish) today to prep for tomorrow's big Halloween celebrations at work. Since I had foolishly agreed to a client meeting during the day, there was the added pressure of trying to find an outfit that would make the quick switch between regular clothes and costume! After emptying out the entire contents of my wardrobe onto my bed, I decided that pirate was the easiest option as I already had the accessories and it would be quick enough making an eye patch to complete the look.

I retrieved the piece of felt and laid it out on the kitchen counter. Since we don't have a dining table, the counter serves dual purpose. On surveying the cutlass and ornate pirate like pistol, I deem that they could both do with a bit of a jazz up. Gold paper would do the trick, so I left the stuff on the counter and popped round to the shops.

Got back to find the Flatmate in a state of cleaning flurry. "Thought I'd scrub everything down", he said beaming at me. "About bloody time" is what I thought as I looked around for the piece of felt. Where the heck was it? I'd only just laid it out along with the scissors and elastic. Wait, what was that crumpled up thing in the corner? Sopping wet and ragged? My felt!!!! What?!!

Flatmate sees me lift it up. "By the way, we need a better counter cloth. That one sucks. Doesn't absorb a damned thing. It's like it's felt or something!"

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