Thursday, April 07, 2011

In Which the Author Gains a Modicum of Legitimacy

And what I'm really trying to say with that very cryptic title is:


The article that I submitted back in February was accepted and the issue is just out. The editor sent over a PDF version of the story to me and they've used some of my photographs to accompany the piece. So, well chuffed with that.

There's just one patch of cloud to gloom up my otherwise sunny day and that is because of some edits they did to my title and bi line - sans permission. My original submission was: Bonnie Scotland - Lifting back the Veil of the Tartan Curtain.

That got changed to: Bonnie Scotland. Scotland is not just about whiskey and bagpiper. There is much more to it, says *my name*

Badly worded, miss spelled and grammatically incorrect. With MY NAME attached to the end of it! The cheek! And the horror! Am so worried that people are going to take one look at that title and bi line and not bother to read any further. Oh dear. 

So right now, I'm trying to focus on the being published part and not bothering about the rest. Each time I feel bad about the cock up, I log in to my online bank account and look fondly at the money in there that's payment for the same. It does help take away the sting a whole lot. 


The Bride said...

Er, the headline is their prerogative but if you noticed an error - like grammar or spelling - you can point it out to them. I presume they sent you to pdf before publication?

The Pixy Princess said...

They'd sent me the "final" version for approval and I'd made a few changes and sent it back.

I don't mind that they changed the bi line, its the fact that they changed it for a badly worded line with spelling errors!

Wandering Wynie said...

Go Pixy!!

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