Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Hello Mouth, Meet Foot!

The scene: Comedy night at the local. Booth in the corner with some of my pals. Boy sitting in corner is a newbie; colleague of a friend.

The situation:
I am sitting diagonally across from boy-in-the-corner. At one point, I shift position and in doing so, slam my knee against something under the table. Puzzled, I look down knowing that it can't be the table supports. Turns out, its boy-in-corner's leg. He's so tall that his legs stretch right across the large pub table and that's his knee I've just slammed into.

Still peering under the table I exclaim, Good heavens... that was you. My, you certainly are one long fella.

There is dead silence as everyone at the table processes that sentence, followed by a gale of laughter as me (and boy) turn very red.



Heathcliffs Girl said...

If only i had a rupee for all the times my foot n mouth have met.:/
well since i am asking, why rupee?if only i had a dollar.

The Pixy Princess said...

HC, there are sadly MANY MANY posts about my debilitating condition. See if you can find the pilates posts from May/June 2009.

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