Saturday, April 24, 2010

Working Girl

This past week saw me join a group of people of whom I have been wildly envious of these past few months. After being ingloriously shipwrecked by the evil and villainous pirate (also known as my former employer), my rather dilapidated life raft finally found its way to the shores of employment.

And so, Wednesday saw me scurrying off to catch the underground to the city centre. It was Day 1 of Job 1. Rather uneventful really, but I was just so damn happy to be there! My duties are simple; to man the customer service counter and assist shoppers with their queries. Which really translates into sitting at desk and directing people to the washrooms. In a 7 hour shift, I told 167 people how to find the washrooms. Of course, I only started keeping track in my second hour, so I might have missed a few.

Friday was Day 1 of Job 2 which right now is sitting at a part time contract at least until the end of May. Ironically, this job has me doing exactly what Former Boss Man had hired me to do. And also for another building company. Let's just hope that this company is better run!

Job 3 with the Edinburgh tour company is scheduled to begin in early May. I don't yet have a schedule, or have any paperwork from the company, but I'm hoping to hear more at a meeting with the team leader next week.

Job 4 doesn't begin until early July. I'll be spending 6 weeks in England - 3 at Southsea and 3 at Oxford. I'm looking at this as a two for one deal where I get to live and work and a new places in the UK.

Its been hectic to say the least and lots of running from one job to the next. After just a few days, I'm exhausted. But I'd rather be dead tired than dead broke. I'm sure that things will settled down into some sort of a routine over the next few weeks. For now, I'm just enjoying being a working girl again!


Anonymous said...


PP ;)

Wandering Wynie said...

Hurrah! I'm really glad things are starting to work out for you! Here's to all things hectic! The Edinburgh tour job sounds like great fun too....

Good luck!
Wynie x

laurie said...

you are so incredibly dedicated and hard-working, and you have such great perseverance. that's what got you these jobs. congratulations and don't wear yourself out.

The Pixy Princess said...

Thank you for the wishes ladies, and in the belief in me!

Its going to be a mad life over the next few weeks... but I'll have it no other way!

Heathcliffs Girl said...

Been reading your old posts, spend a very pleasant half an hour around :)
Have much fun on the trip :)

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