Friday, December 05, 2008

Strange and Unexplained Phenomenon

Although I have lost a considerable amount of weight ever since the start of this year, I sorta plateaued out around October and have stayed almost constant ever since. I (try to) go to the gym at least twice a week, and each time I religiously weigh myself - for reassurance more than anything else.

Which is why when I weighed myself at my friend's place on my arrival in Wellington, I was MOST surprised to find that I had dropped about 7 lbs.

I weighed in at around 167 in the T Dot, and then suddenly 2 days later (2 days of sitting around in airports and on plans that too) I'm 7 lbs lighter. I knew I was going to loose a day flying here - no one said anything about weight! Or maybe this is just one of those strange things you hear about the southern hemisphere..... like the water going down the drain in the "other" direction- which I have yet to see btw!

A mystery for sure, but one that I'm in no hurry to get solved!

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