Friday, August 29, 2008

Not Very F*cked Anymore. Only Slightly.

So, after a whole morning of frantically calling around to various airlines, travel agents and people I know in the airline biz and scouring the Internet for any and all routes to Glasgow*, I was finally able to secure new tickets for my trip on US Airways. And I didn't quite have to pay with my first born and/or my right kidney, although the price is a whopping $400 more than what I initially paid. Ah, well. Guess that means not as many pints in Scotland!

Also, the credit card company has assured me that I will be getting my money back; it may just take a while to process and it seems like I have to turn in a bunch of supporting documents and paperwork for the same. But I will get it back. Eventually.

Now, let's just hope that nothing else falls apart between now and the wedding!

*At one point I even found a ticket to Edinburgh via Gibraltar for $900! Was tempted, but the return flights were for the wrong dates.


Conal said...

Glad to see the threat level has been downgraded from So Very F*cked to F*cked to an almost balmy Not Very F*cked.

You should look at one of these for your blog:

Timorous Beastie said...

Nice one. Glad to hear the trip is still going ahead.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I knew you could do it....enjoy the wedding.

Penguin Pal

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