Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dating: Likes and Dislikes

I like,
  • The whoop-de-doo, roller coaster feeling in my stomach I’ve been getting of late when I think about a certain someone.
  • The thrill of seeing a new email or txt message – also from same someone.
  • Learning new things about the person and piecing it all together like a big jigsaw puzzle.
  • The anticipation of the next meeting where one hopes one will have as much of a good time as our last one.

    I do not like,
  • Playing the dating game.
How long should I wait before replying to a message? How long should the actual reply be? How long is too long before he calls back/ asks me out again? This whole process is driving me NUTS!

I was discussing this with The Blonde One on Sunday while we sat around making polite conversation at a Baby Shower. She gave me much hope for the situation by telling me that her boyfriend took all of 3 months to call her after their first meeting. After hearing that, I decided that my situation was downright enviable and immediately felt heaps better.

Anyway, date # 1 on Tuesday went well. We stuck to the tried and true movie-and-a-meal formula, which is great coz if you find that you have nothing to say to each other, you can at least talk about the movie! Fortunately there was much to say as the movie turned out to be the biggest honking piece of crap ever made and I was SO embarrassed for choosing it. Boy was rather nice over it and we giggled our way through the totally crap dialogues, abysmal emoting and completely ridiculous story lines.

Post movie dinner n drinks were also comfortable – light funny stories and personal-but-not-too-detailed experiences shared. Pre date I had made a list of “reserve conversational topics” should the chatter wane, but am happy to report did not have to resort to said list at all. Yes, I realize that this idea was stolen right out of As Good As it Gets but hey, he got the girl didn’t he???

Date ended with light kiss and a “I’ll be seeing you soon” – Him and “Yes, that would be great” – Me.

Now back to waiting.



Conal said...

...because he's probably reading this and worrying about the possibility that if he calls, the transcription of said call may appear here in its entirety - replete with Ally McBeal-esque thought bubbles from Nix. Sort of like dating the whole Daily Kos team en masse.

Oh let discretion be the better part of dating!

The Blonde One said...

I wonder whether boys talk to their friends about girls. Everytime I ask my boy about his friends gf's and dates he has no info. I now send him with a list of questions.

The Pixy Princess said...

Oh please! He has no knowledge of this site and has no chance of getting anywhere near it.

And even so, this is no different from talking with your friends about it - which I'm sure even Stupid Boys do!

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