Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Konnichiwa Japan

Arrived into Tokyo at 8 am local time this morning after a LONG but amazing flight. Thanks to VBF's dad, I was upgraded to Business Class and it made a WORLD of difference and I actually arrived in a non vegitative state! 

Getting to Dee's place was relatively easy. FYI, Dee is the daughter of the friend of my mother from her work. Yes, I am a complete free housing slut, but when on holiday in an EXPENSIVE city like Tokyo, one says "yes" when one offeres help! 

For those who are curious, she lives just steps from the Omori train station. Tres convenient I say!

Contrary to what I've been told, the people in Japan are TRES helpful! A girl on the train lent me her celly to call Dee (ok, she was American) a guy helped me haul my bag up a flight of steps, a lady on the train told me how many stops until mine and another guy saw me standing confused at a crossroad and pointed me in the right direction! I sincerely hope I haven't used up my entire "nice-people-in-new-county" quota all in one day!

Am feeling much better after my wee nap and armed with about 5 different maps and of course the Lonely Planet - I'm off to explore Japan now!


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