Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Very Desi Christmas

Yesterday was one of THE most relaxed and chilled out Christmasses I have ever had! Woke up late, curled up on the couch and listened to softly playing carols, had some friends over and the menu was very un Christmas-like with Chicken biryani, raita, puris and channa masala served! And of course what's a desi christmas without cheezy Hindi movies??

And the best thing of all - I stayed in my comfy jammies all day and no one gave a damn!

Merry Christmas indeed!


Beth said...

Merry Christmas Nicola! Great to catch up on your travels and see the photos...GREAT photos of the Chapel in Glasgow...wow!!!

You were brave with the haggis, but I was waiting for the lowdown on the main issue around Scottish men in kilts...SO?????

Hugs to Benji for me....


Rinaldo said...

i did not see a single santa clause this year. My first xmas out of india, and my first without a Santa.

I make random comments in blogs so i can get more ppl onto my blog :P (i reached your blog via Lynnette's, btw)

The Blonde One said...

Merry Christmas nix ( a few days late. I don't have internet at home (how archaic of me) so I can't check regularly till back to work.


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